Cive.DynamicsCRM.Extensions C# Nuget Package has been released

I have decided to gather some of the most used functionalities into a single Nuget Package when coding C# against Dynamics CRM.

The package allows users to connect to Dynamics CRM and execute fetchXML queries in an easy fashion. I will add more functionalities in the feature and keep the post updated.

Package Manager Command:

Install-Package Cive.DynamicsCRM.Extensions -Version 1.0.2

After getting the Nuget Package into your project add the following using statement.

using Cive.DynamicsCRM.Extensions;


Connect to CRM instance and get IOrganizationService interface:

var service = CRMConnection.GetOrganizationService("crmorganizationurl", "username", "password");

Connect to CRM instance and get CRMServiceClient which also contains IOrganizationService and other useful information

var client= CRMConnection.GetServiceClient("crmorganizationurl", "username", "password");

After establishing connection and getting the service object, you can execute fetchXML methods.

Retrieving entities from CRM, following command can only retrieve up to 5000 records.

var records = CRMFetchXML.Retrieve(service, fetchXMLstring);

If you want to retrieve more than 5000 records, use the following code.

var records = CRMFetchXML.RetrieveMoreThan5000(service, fetchXMLstring, 1000);

The last arguments defines the batch number.

Leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions.

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